Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At DMC – Donkey Milk Cosmetics, Lda, holding company for the Phillippe by Almada cosmetics brand, referred to as Phillippe by Almada, we care for the security of our customers, who are our maximum priority and we know that the use of their personal data requires their utmost trust.

However, as no electronic method of data transmission or storage is 100% secure, we count on your attention to prevent possible incidents relating to information fraud, risks or any other infraction in which your information may be accessed or divulged without our explicit authorisation and which, naturally, we cannot take responsibility for.

At Phillippe by Almada we are subject to the highest standards of privacy and will only use your personal data for clearly identified purposes and according to your rights to data protection.

We are committed to ensure the transparency, confidentiality and integrity of your personal data.

This Privacy Policy establishes the way in which Phillippe by Almada uses the personal data of its customers, whether individual or collective persons, represented by their managers, executives or attorneys with the power to do so, and its potential customers, in the scope of their professional capacity, and is composed of the following sections:

Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data

Phillippe by Almada is responsible for the processing of your personal data

Phillippe by Almada is responsible for the handling of the personal data of its customers and/or potential customers who transmit their data to us, by responding to the “Segurança dos Seus Dados Pessoais” e-mail. Phillippe by Almada will be responsible for the processing of its customers’ personal data in the event that they have consented in the terms of the Declaration of Consent to the Processing of Personal Data.

Phillippe by Almada is responsible for the processing of its customers data that is provided for the fulfilment of their business.

This policy aims to describe the use of your personal data on behalf of persons at Phillippe by Almada. Therefore, it is important that you read this Privacy Policy. You should contact us in relation to any changes/updates or doubts relating to the use of your personal data, via the contacts that we provide further below.

How do we collect your personal data

Your personal data will be collected and processed in the following situation:

  • If you use our services: supplying personal data that is strictly necessary for the provision of our services, via e-mail. We advise that for your privacy you don’t include personal data, especially sensitive and/or confidential data such as credit/debit card numbers, in the e-mails that you eventually send us,

For what purpose and with what basis can your personal data be used

Your personal data will be collected and used primarily for the purpose of customer service and marketing (communications around new campaign information, news and other services, Phillippe by Almada newsletters, and feedback requests), in the terms authorised by you in the Declaração de Consentimento ao Tratamento de Dados Pessoais.

Under the terms of the data protection legislation in force in Portugal, and the European Union (General Data Protection Regulation), the use of personal data must be justified under at least one legal foundation for the processing of personal data.

You may, thus, consult the explanation for the scope of each of those foundations.*

The legal foundation applicable to the collection and use of your personal data for the purposes of customer service and marketing is your Consent.

*Legal Foundations for the processing of the database

  • When you have given consent for the processing of your personal data (for this purpose you shall be presented with a Declaration of Consent for the use of your data, you may posteriorly, and at any moment, easily retract your consent);
  • When processing is necessary in order to enter a contractual agreement for the provision of services/online sales;
  • When processing is necessary to fulfil the legal obligations that DMC is subject to;
  • When processing is necessary to reach a legitimate interest and our motives for its use outweigh the customer’s data protection rights;
  • When processing is necessary so that we may exercise our rights or defend a right in a judicial proceeding that is initiated or incurred by a third party towards a customer.

What data can be collected

The following categories of personal data may be collected through the channels and services outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Data collected by Phillippe by Almada:

Identification Data

Customers: Name, age, sex, NIF and Address

Recipients: Name, age, sex, NIF and Address

Potential stakeholders: Name, age, sex, NIF and Address

Contact details:

Phone, Mobile phone and e-mail

How do we keep your personal data secure

Despite the transmission of data via the internet or websites not guaranteeing total security against intrusions, we and our service providers and commercial partners make our best efforts to implement and maintain physical, electronic and procedural barriers aimed at protecting your personal data conforming to the applicable data protection requirements. Amongst others we implement the following:

  • Very restricted personal access to your personal data on a “need to know” basis and only in the scope of the communicated purposes;
  • Only employees, service providers and commercial partners whose functions require it and that previously agree to confidentiality and secrecy norms will have access to personal data processed by Phillippe by Almada;
  • Only personal data that is adequate, pertinent and non-excessive will be processed and only for the strictly necessary time period;
  • The transfer of collected data only in encrypted format;
  • Storage of highly confidential data (such as information that may relate to debit/credit cards) only in encrypted format;
  • Protection of our IT systems through firewalls, with the aim of stopping unauthorised access to your personal data; and
  • Permanent monitoring of access to the IT systems, with the aim of preventing, detecting and stopping improper use of your personal data.

How long do we keep your personal data

We store your data only for the necessary period of time in the scope of the purpose for which It was collected.

Once the maximum timeframe for the storing of your personal data has been elapsed, it will be anonymised irreversibly (this anonymised data may be stored) or destroyed in a secure manner.

For the purposes described in this Privacy Policy (customer support and marketing) your personal data will be kept for a maximum of 10 years from the date of the last contact with Phillippe by Almada and if, within this timeframe, you have not retracted your consent.

Who can we share your personal data with and how do we keep it secure

We don’t sell, commercialise or transfer your personal identification data to third parties. This does not include trustworthy third parties that help us manage our website or mobile applications, providing services to our customers, as long as these third parties agree to keep that information confidential.

Non-personally identifiable visitor data may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising or other purposes. In fact, we may use technology such as cookies to register session information, record visits and access details on our web pages that may allow us to improve our services and provide better and more useful resources to our website’s users. Cookies, on their own, do not personally identify any user of a given website.

Please note that although you are on a website that is operated by us, you may also be redirected to links for third party websites, as we may include or offer products or services provided by third parties, on our platforms. These third-party websites have their own and privacy policies independent from our own policies. These policies are not managed or controlled by Phillippe by Almada therefore we don’t assume any responsibility for these. However, we seek to protect you from risks even in these cases, and as such we recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of these webistes before submitting any information or personal data.

Your personal data is stored in the protected servers belonging to our suppliers/service providers, and can be accessed and used exclusively under the terms of our policies and standards (or of equivalent policies and standards upheld by our suppliers/service providers).

*Contact details for Phillippe by Almada

contact: +351 217112760

How can you alter or retract your consent

You may, at any moment, alter or retract your consent, wholly or partially, with effect on future interactions.

After retracting your declarations of consent wholly you will no longer be contacted or receive communications for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

To retract your declarations of consent submitted to Phillippe by Almada, you must simply e-mail us at with the subject line “Declaração de Consentimento – retirar”, indicating which personal data you want us to stop processing.

Contact us, your rights to data protection and the right to put forward a complaint with your controlling authority

If you have any questions regarding our use of your personal data, you should firstly, contact our services.

Subject to certain conditions, you may have the right to ask that:

  • We make available additional information about our use of your personal data;
  • We provide you with a copy of the personal data that you have supplied to us;
  • We provide another responsible party responsible for your processing with the personal data that you have supplied to us
  • We update any errors or alterations in your personal data that we store;
  • We delete the personal data whose use is no longer legitimate;
  • We limit the way in which we use your personal data until the complaint brought forward is investigated.

Exercising your rights is subject to certain specified exceptions destined to safekeep public interests (crime prevention or detection) or our interests (upkeeping professional secrecy).

In the event that you exercise any of these rights, we shall proceed to analyse your request and respond within 30 days.

In the event that you are unsatisfied with our use of your personal data, or with our response after you have exercised any of these rights, you still reserve the right to present a complaint with the controlling authority – Comissão Nacional de Protecção de Dados – CNPD | Rua de São Bento, nº 148, 3º, 1200-821 Lisboa | Tel: +351 213928400 | Fax: +351 213976832 | e-mail: or to undertake legal action with that basis.

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