The benefits of donkey milk

Rich in trace elements with milk proteins, vitamins, calcium and minerals, donkey milk provides restorative and antioxidant properties giving your skin greater elasticity and vitality. It is highly tolerated by sensitive and allergy-prone skin types and is used at the heart of all our products, which makes them highly effective.

Our Products

Hand Cream

8 hours of guaranteed hydration, even after you’ve washed your hands, keeping them smooth and young for longer.

Body Milk

Firms up your skin and stabilises cutaneous relief, reduces stretch marks and restores your skin’s elasticity.

Face Cream

Anti-wrinkle treatment that firms up your skin and provides a superior smoothness and hydration.


Designed to feel smooth and luscious it provides a long-lasting and superior hydration.

A day on the farm

We have around 50 donkeys living on our property and their rituals dictate the course of the day. The day starts at 6am with a stroll through the fields and at 12.30 on the dot they come in to be milked, their biological clock never fails.


" It smells marvellous and look at how my skin looks great and shiny after the first use"

Sandra Correia, blogger

" This cream is truly delectable for our skin."

Teresa Celestino, blogger